Is it hard to be a female entrepreneur in Romania?


The other days, during the Business Club show, on Digi 24Fm, I was talking with Mr. Stelian Muscalu about Brexit – a topic that has been all over the global media in the last few days.The show started with Mr. Muscalu s question „Bianca, what s your take on the results of this Referendum?, my answer was: „ the crisis/challenge/problem is a new way of doing business, of creating opportunities and an ingenious way to take action. After all, the entrepreneur is a person who opens doors and undertakes different actions.“ I would add now that change is the only constant in our lives.
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My appearances on different shows, as founder of Elite Business Women, but especially as a female entrepreneur in Romania, spark obsessively the question „is it hard to be a female entrepreneur in Romania“. Contrary to what is expected, my answer is always „NO“! I know that my answer comes to disappoint those who are forever stuck in a grey area of endless complaints, for them it is hard to swallow such an answer. Why is it NOT hard?


  • a third of the Romanian entrepreneurship is represented by women (it is possible, there is precedence)
  • 240.000 companies managed by women create 740.000 jobs
  • 60% of higher education graduates are women, including on a global scale (access to education)
  • In Romania, women have access to education; see the example of Muslim countries where there are still reported crimes against women who attend schools (sad, but true)
  • The Romanian Government has drafted various programs designed to encourage women – The Female Manage Program or the funds allocated for company formation, SRL D – which can be equally accessed by women as well
  • In the rural area, agricultural businesses receive support through different subsidies and European funds

Everything is gained through hard work, and I am referring here to what I have just stated. It is true that the bureaucracy and procedures are still difficult and sometimes hinder the process, but it is still possible to do something. I believe that what we lack is entrepreneurial education, is unity / solidarity among entrepreneurs, and real mentors and models to look up to. But, lately, also in these areas things have started to move in the right direction – Elite Business Women has launched the national campaign “they have succeeded. Successful business models”. We are glad to have had many female entrepreneurs guests and international speakers and in this way to slowly create /build the proper environment for this exchange of know-how and experience between entrepreneurs and mentors. The campaign took place in Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj Napoca, Rm. Vâlcea, Brașov, Iași.

I stress upon unity / solidarity, on supporting the local entrepreneurship, to stand united and help each other better our lives, our country and the economy. During these Conferences, I often use the example with the apple, in order to highlight the importance of a united community – „if I have an apple and you have an apple and we exchange them, in the end we will still have one apple each. But, if I have an idea and you have an idea and we exchange these ideas then, in the end, each one of us will have two ideas. “

© Fotograf Irina Mocanu
© Fotograf Irina Mocanu

This is the Elite Business Women mission and my personal belief. Change starts with you; choose to build together a different Romanian entrepreneurial environment, by the power of example.

With drive,

Bianca Tudor


Elite Business Women founder



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