Romania ranked 9th in the world in women’s entrepreneurship

Do we live in a “world of men” in terms of the implications for economic growth?

Certainly, there are still wage differences depending on the gender of the employee, for the same job – another landmark indicator of the gender economy. This wage gap rises to six percent in Romania, in favor of men, and it is one of the smallest in the EU.

Why is it worth looking more closely at the issue of gender equality? Among other things, because the reduction of gender gaps in the economy, at the level of European best practices, would bring us an additional 30 billion euros to GDP, by 2025 (applying Mc’Kinsey methodology 2015).

Romania ranked 9th in the world in women’s entrepreneurship

Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs analyzed the achievements of the entrepreneurs from 57 countries covering five geographical regions, and Romania ranked 9th. According to the BizBazar study, 28.9% of the businesses in the country are owned by women. But last year, Romania was 13th.

How do women lead?

With dynamism, courage, innovation, social responsibility. I say this from the perspective of running the largest entrepreneurial education company for women, with over 10,000 women entrepreneurs, who are part of the Elite Business Women community.

How do we see the development of women’s entrepreneurship in Romania?

The development of women’s entrepreneurship is closely linked to the development of women’s entrepreneurial culture, which is a long-term process. We must also enter the social sphere, where the biggest obstacles come from family responsibilities, followed by the lack of financial resources, but especially the lack of administrative or managerial expertise.

However, the trend is increasing. More and more women choose the path of entrepreneurship, however, out of 750,000 active companies, only 40,000 are profitable.

What are the most important issues women entrepreneurs encounter?

In a study conducted by Elite Business Women in July 2019 in the EBW community, which brings together over 10,000 women entrepreneurs, the main issues in order of importance are: lack of funding, lack of relevant entrepreneurial experience and lack of networking with valuable business people.

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With 7 years experience in 2 multinational companies, Bianca is an entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Elite Business Women & Elite Business Women Investment Fund, Advisory Board WomenInBusiness Danube Region- 9 countries in Europe, volunteer Initiative for Competitiveness, and for four years she encourages women to be financial independent and start their own business.

Her work has paid off, and the international network Elite Business Women, which she founded, now counts more than 10,000 women who have succeeded in performing in the business environment.

Sources cited: McKinsey2015, Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs, BizBazar, Elite Business Women.

Author of the article: Bianca Tudor


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