Fear of success vs. “They have succeeded“

Fear of success vs. “They have succeeded“

 Bianca Tudor, Founder of Elite Business Women

:). I could write a book about the fear of success and they have succeeded :).

Bianca 2At almost all the interviews I am asked whether it is hard to convince women to talk about themselves, their accomplishments, to accept to be the Speaker for the next event or to embrace the results of their hard work and success

What do you think? It is always a challenge to get a „Yes”/an affirmative answer from female entrepreneurs with lots of experience, amazing results in companies that exceed 100 employees and have a turnover that spins around billions or tens of millions. Women are too modest to talk about their success. The fear of failure is different than the fear of success

Fear of failure is what nurtures mistrust when it comes to action. Fear of failure prevents you to start. On the other hand, the fear of success is much more intense. When you are about to succeed (many times success appears as an end point), your excitement boosts. This full-throttle energy is usually perceived as anxiety. It is such a positive feeling that shifts into a negative one through its own values.

© Fotograf Irina Mocanu
© Fotograf Irina Mocanu

We, Elite Business Women, admit that we speak with excitement about #theyHaveSucceeded. The excitement and emotions create unique bonds and bring people together, making businesses be inspiring and thrilling.

”THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED” is an unwritten guide for female entrepreneurs, meant to inspire people internationally / all over the world and bring a positive message: ”Yes, you can“./it is possible

Bianca, how did you come up with the idea of an international #theyHaveSucceeded campaign?

BT: “This idea was born from the need of having more role models of female entrepreneurs, to get to know the achievements and challenges of these women and their motivation /what drives them. Women are starting be game-changers / play an important role on the global market, not only as employees or consumers, but also as entrepreneurs, managers and investors. The international campaign „They have succeeded” is a tour de force that brings together not only hundreds of female speakers, but also hundreds of women that are NOT celebrities, but who manage to perform thanks to their work and ambition.

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This year, Europe has opened its doors to all Romanian female entrepreneurs, and the first international conference takes place in Lisbon (September 28, 2016).

P.S- we are teaming up in order to represent the female entrepreneurship during the #TheyHaveSucceeded Lisbon. I
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Elite Business Women founder

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